Seat is an app for young professionals looking to increase productivity in a
public workspace, while providing real-time data of the availability of these workspaces in order to end the wasted time spent searching for and travelling
to these spaces.


Anna Bacani, Caitlin Lewis,
Livia Widjaja


Ideation, Research,
Visual Design, Prototyping,
User Testing


Illustrator, Sketch,
Invision, After Effects


January – March 2018



The Challenge

Many people who work in public workspaces either struggle to find seating upon arrival or discover that the workspace is not suitable for the nature of their work. 

The Solution

To create a product that can provide information about the availability of public workspaces to increase the productivity for students and young professionals. 


Before creating the app, it was essential for the team to conduct research – both primary and secondary. We did this through on-site observations and user interviews which determined our target audience as well as the challenges they faced. It also provided us with a clearer view of the different environments that users find themselves to be the most productive in.

From here, we generated the PACT analysis which identified the possible
users and the context in which they would be using the app. We created four user personas that helped us put the problem into perspective, and further understand the different needs of each type of potential user of the app.

By analyzing People, Activities, Context, and Technology, we were able to determine the possible usage of the app as well as target audience. 

We interviewed 20 people through anonymous surveys to get the insight we needed. Through this essential step we learned and understood our users working habits and pain points. 

Consisting of Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, and Would Have, this method allowed us to determine the key features and system requirements of this app.

User Personas

Four personas were created to help humanize the potential problems users might encounter. It helped us envision the possible reasons why a user might need to use Seat.


Site Structure/Wireframes

Laying out the "nesting" order of the system requirements and possible elements within the app lead us to wireframes that let us quickly decide on what is useful or needs further revision.


Visual Identity

From the beginning, we knew we wanted Seat to be friendly, straight forward, and easy to use, which is why we chose to go for a minimalistic style with spot colours in aiding quick wayfinding within the app.

We also created a style guide for type hierachy, a monochromatic colour palette, icons, and illustrations. 


Moodboard of possible colours, UI styles, and interactive elements.


App Features

The three main features of the Seat app are: search and filter, bookings,
and favourites
. Users are able to search workspaces, use filters to find desired locations, book a seat at a location, and favourite workspaces they would like to visit again.


Search & Filter
Search bar is located at the top of the home screen, with customizable filter buttons, and card style search results.


Book a Seat
Users can scroll to the bottom of a workspace description and select seats for booking with a floor plan. They can also check their booking history and upcoming bookings.


Users can add a workspace to their Favourites list by tapping on the heart icon for quick access. They can also search their favourites through map view.

Screen Iterations

Before coming to the final app design, we went through a tumultuous jumble of various screen iterations, as countless hours were spent on revising the overall look and feel as well as functioning of Seat. User testing and peer critiques helped us determine the final app outcome.

1) Home screen iterations; 2) filters iterations; 3) floor plan iterations;
4) time chart iterations.

Final Prototype

We created a short promotional video that highlights key features of Seat using a list of tasks and user scenarios which we generated earlier on. 

Try out the Seat Prototype.

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